LoRa certification - Now also available for the North American frequency range

Since September 2015, the test centre operated by IMST GmbH has been providing accredited LoRa certifications in accordance with the specifications of the LoRa Alliance. Initially it was Version V1.0 of the LoRaWAN Specification that was covered. In 2016, and then again in 2017, our portfolio was expanded to include versions V1.01 and V1.02. Alongside Europe, since the end of last week we have also been performing tests in accordance with Version V1.0.2 for the North American frequency range (902-928 MHz), and are the only provider to do so to date.

Work on the new LoRaWAN specification V1.1, which for the first time enables roaming, is now also complete. The advantage of V1.1 is that not only can a device connect with a direct gateway, but theoretically can also connect sequentially with all gateways in the respective frequency region, e.g. Europe. As a result, a device with LoRa interface is also suitable for mobile use, and can be used, for example for the geolocation of rental cars.

For manufacturers who also have approval, but who want to determite the peformance of the offered end device, we also offer LoRa Rf-Performance Measurement.

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