IMST - First FAST-SAR laboratory in Europe

The IMST test centre offers its customers a unique service in the form of the FAST-SAR system by ART-Fi, which has been available since March 2018. Through the drastic shortening of the measurement time on the new ART-MAN, customers receive the SAR test results significantly more quickly than was previously the case. Whereas a classic SAR measuring system still requires around 20-40 minutes for a measurement, the ART-MAN performs this measurement in just a few seconds. A total of three closed head and body phantoms of hundreds of receiver probes. A simultaneous evaluation of 285 to 390 field probes integrated into the phantoms also accelerates measurements.

Pre-compliance measurements in accordance with DRAFT IEC 62209-3 (IEC PAS 63151) are currently offered, accredited in conjunction with the classic system. In order to be able to perfom pure accreditations for FAST-SAR measurements in future, new standards are currently under development.

In addition to the most recent FAST-SAR technology, IMST also scores points as an independent reference laboratory recommended by Vodafone Germany, with long-term experience in the area of exposure assesment, taking telecommunications and security standards into account.

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