The former mentioned software parts, like protocols or signal processing, are the enabler in communication systems. They are providing services to be used by the application software. Therefore the applications are defining the system, providing the desired functionality for the end user.

Since we (IMST) are supporting our customers during the complete development process of their products, also applications are in our focus. This includes e.g. embedded applications for integrated systems, like sensor data processing in vehicles or medical devices. Beyond that application software for desktop or server systems are covered, like graphical user interfaces for Windows, Linux, MAC and mobile devices. Last but not least Web applications and data base backends are developed at IMST.
Applications for configuring and controlling remote systems, access- and security solutions, billing systems, video and audio streaming, transmitting the state of a light switch as well as simulation and tracing software are only a few examples showing the broad range of applications IMST is dealing with.